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Caregiver Tips: 5 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Spouse

Caregiver in Redmond WA When you notice signs in your elderly parents that indicate they are no longer capable of living on their own safely the emotional response can be all-consuming. You may find yourself suddenly devoting all of your time and energy to being a caregiver for your aging parents, making sure they have…

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Caregiver Health: Tips for Keeping Hands Comfortable and Beautiful

Caregiver in Bellevue WA As a caregiver, nurturing and caring for your elderly parents in order to fulfill their daily needs and help them live the highest quality of life possible is important. Unfortunately for many caregivers, this compassion toward their aging parents takes a toll on their own bodies. One place where the effort…

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Taking Elder Care Outside: Lawn and Garden Month

Elder Care in Bellevue WA A love of gardening should not be something that your elderly parents have to give up just because they are facing mobility and physical problems. Instead, they should have the opportunity to continue enjoying this physically and emotionally healthy activity throughout the rest of their lives. This April, celebrate Lawn…

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Reading Glasses For Your Senior

Lynnwood, WA – Reading Glasses For Your Senior Declining eyesight is something that numerous elders deal with every year. When the time comes that your senior can’t see as well as they used to when trying to read, the eye strain may result in headaches and further deterioration of eyesight. Before their vision gets worse,…

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Elderly Care: Benefits of Yoga Among Seniors

Elderly Care in Woodinville, WA – Benefits of Yoga Among Seniors When many people think of yoga, they may think young yuppie women and soccer moms showing off their stylish new yoga pants. While yoga is common among the younger crowd, it’s a beneficial exercise for people of all ages. It can help seniors connect…

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