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Hourly & Live-In Home Care Options Serving Everett, WA & Surrounding Areas

Guest Home Care provides a flexible array of options to meet you and your family’s needs. Some seniors require hourly care, while others prefer live-in services.

Hourly In-Home Care

Hourly home care is the easiest type of care to start, and the best option if you have an aging loved one who is not sure about their comfort level with in-home care. Hourly home care often allows seniors time to get accustomed to accepting help and provides them with the opportunity to recognize that home care can actually help them maintain their independence.

Hourly home care is also very flexible and can be modified to meet changes in health or schedules. For example, a senior may need some additional help at home while recovering from foot surgery, and yet not need any help while family is visiting. Hourly home care is easily modifiable to these changes and your lifestyle.

Live-In Home Care

When considering a live-in home care service, it is important to understand that Live-in Care will involve more than one caregiver. Every caregiver needs a day or two off, therefore, a second caregiver or caregivers will fill in.

Your live-in caregivers will remain at your home during the entire 24 hour period, unless you send them on an errand such as picking up a prescription. However, they will maintain their own separate, permanent home address. It is important to work with an experienced home care agency for Live-in Home Care.

Live-in caregivers require an adequate place to sleep. Caregivers should be able to get at least 5 hours of un-interrupted sleep. There are no additional charges for caregiver room and board, but caregiver meals are usually provided by the family.

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