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Thank you for all the wonderful care you provided for mother the last six months of her life. You made it possible for me to have her here at home with me. What a gift! Thank you so much.

I would recommend Guest Home Care to anyone considering in home
care. It was the best possible choice for us. My mom moved in with us
when she needed a very high level of care, in fact she was on hospice the entire time she lived with us. Guest Home Care was very responsive to our needs and hers. The caregivers were very good to my mom. We had 24/7 help and it can be challenging when caregivers are living in your house. If there was ever a problem, Rose (Care Manager) corrected things immediately. The billing was clear and concise, no hidden fees. We would highly recommend Guest Home Care.

Linda and Sylvia

I am very pleased with the care and professionalism of Guest Home Care. They go the extra mile and have always accommodated our needs. I highly recommend this agency and will continue to refer Guest Home Care to
others. We have dealt with other agencies and our experience with Guest Home Care far exceeds the services of other companies. Mariah has taken such loving care of my mother and we are especially grateful to her.

Linda B.

Eight months ago, Guest Home Care sent out Rose to care for my wife Darlene, who has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. I feel we have been blessed not only with having a person who is knowledgeable of elder care, but also is a very caring person. She is very personable and we have been very happy with her care.

Darrell P.

To Guest Home Care: We thank you very much for your services. We are very grateful for willing to accept our flexible schedule and short notice calls. Yodi has always been very pleasant, very helpful, always on time, and willing to help with anything needed. Stacey is doing very well now, and is pretty much independent. If we should need help again, I am so glad I know where to call.
With appreciation,

Helen S.

When my father’s cancer got to the point where my mother needed help taking care of him, we started service with Guest Home Care and they had Susan come out to help with his shower, a few household things that were hard for my mother, and sometimes taking her for a walk. Before long we realized we needed someone at night, as well, so Dayna came and stayed at night so my mother could sleep. By this time we had hospice and a hospice bed, so when it seemed he was near the end, I stayed overnight as well. Dayna was very good at keeping him clean and comfortable without causing him pain, as moving him was painful. That night, she woke me at around 7 a.m. and told me his breathing had changed so my mother and I got up and were able to be with him as he took his last breaths. Although her shift was over Dayna stayed with us as family came, and the funeral home came to take him away. Her presence was not just a comfort, it was invaluable because she noted the time of death, and helped report it at a time when we were overwhelmed.

After my father passed, we knew my mother should not be alone at night so we had Dayna, Caroline, and later Everline come from 9pm to 9am every night for a few months. They were all very kind and reassuring to my mother. She became very comfortable with each of these ladies, and we knew she was getting companionship as well as care.

All these ladies were well trained, but also, which was even more important, were very compassionate and seemed to always know what needed to be done. I would recommend them to anyone who needed a little help during the day up to full time care.

Linda D.

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