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Elder Care Seattle WATom’s Father Needed a Little Extra Elder Care in Seattle, Washington

Tom has two brothers and one sister who are scattered across the country. His youngest brother lives closest to his father, and even though he needs help from time to time, as some would call elder care, that brother refuses to do anything to lift a hand. He lives just 3 miles away from their father’s house and always claims he is too busy, has too many things going on, and simply can’t find the time to stop over once or twice a week.

Tom could go into detail about his brothers interest and activities, and most people would agree that he should have more than enough time to take care of his father, but he doesn’t do it. That has placed the responsibility squarely on Tom’s shoulders now.

Tom really doesn’t want to be the one making elder care decisions for his father, at least not without some input.

Unfortunately, this is a situation many people find themselves in throughout the country. They recognize the need of an elderly loved one who requires some type of home care. They try to discuss the situation with siblings or other family members, but can’t seem to get any advice or support.

In this case, if Tom doesn’t make the right elderly care decisions, then how will he know whether his father is being taken care of properly? More importantly, if something goes wrong, will his siblings turn around and blame him for this issue?

Speaking with the Aging Loved One

That’s why Tom decided to sit down with his father and talk about the prospect of elder care. This was much better than making the decision for him. In fact, it turns out that whenever possible, it’s better to make an elder care decision WITH a loved one instead of FOR a loved one, respecting whatever decision he or she makes.

Going over all the options.

Once his father acknowledged the fact that he could use some help around the house, they went over various options, including home care companions, visiting nurses, physical therapists, and just about any other type of elder care there was available. Right now all he really needed was help around the house a couple of days a week.

They ended up using a trusted home care agency. If you’re like Tom and the elder care decisions in your family end up resting on your shoulders, trust your judgment, speak to your elderly loved one about the situation, and respect his or her decisions. When you do, you can’t go wrong.

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