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WebMd warns us that social isolation increases the risk of premature death for our elderly. It is the lack of social contact that causes this problem, not the feeling of loneliness. A study reported by Forbes Senior Care in Everett WAagrees.

Senior Play Dates are Better than the Ones for Kids
The solution is a “Senior Play Date!” The suggestion here is to reconfigure play dates into a senior event. The idea is that by providing social events, which bring seniors together in their homes, the problem of social isolation diminishes.

Senior Play Dates Are Easy to Organize
One successful example was organized by a group of professional elder care specialists. They had all been placed in their senior care positions by the same in-home care agency. They all got together and with the proper permissions created a series of senior play dates by taking the person they cared for to visit another elder’s home. The activities were simple, like enjoying English style teatime, but the effect on the mood of the elders was dramatic and for the better.

Get Out of the House
Just simply getting the elders out of the home, to visit another elder once per week was enough to make a big positive difference. The houses for the visits were chosen in rotation so everyone had a chance to either welcome guests to their home or go for a visit to another home.

Something to Look Forward To Doing
This gave the elders something each week to anticipate. New friendships formed and telephone conversations between the elders were encouraged to help plan the next “senior play date.” Of course, it would be unfair to say that everyone got along perfectly, because elders have personalities, opinions, likes, and dislikes. They do not automatically get along with other elders. Nevertheless, the ones that did enjoy each other’s company continued to visit each other.

Some played bridge together, others watched a favorite soap opera on the television together, and others just enjoyed a snack. The key was they did this activity with another person. That is what gave it special meaning.

Socialization Beats Isolation
As humans, we are all social beings. We need each other. In-home professionals providing care for our beloved elders know that this also means creating opportunities for the elder to get out of the isolation of always being at home.

Eating lunch every day at home in a room alone is the saddest thing. Having the same lunch outside in the backyard garden with other elders and their caregivers is the antidote to isolation. The caregivers also enjoy getting out of the house, too.

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