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Elderly Care in Woodinville, WA – Benefits of Yoga Among Seniors

When many people think of yoga, they may think young yuppie women and soccer moms showing off their stylish new yoga pants. While yoga is common among the younger crowd, it’s a beneficial exercise for people of all ages. It Elderly Care Woodinville WAcan help seniors connect their mind, body and spirit and as a result, feel more refreshed mentally and physically. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t require a lot of strength and flexibility. Elderly home care providers should understand the benefits of yoga and encourage clients to try a session and reap the rewards.

Yoga is a great way to manage stress and improve one’s energy and mood. Yoga allows seniors to clear their minds and let go of trivial things that may be wreaking havoc on their mind. Seniors may learn to let go of the any criticism they may have about themselves and others and learn acceptance.

For seniors, yoga is fairly low key. No yoga mats are involved; the exercises are done in chairs. The attendees sit around in a circle and follow the instructions given by the instructor. Seniors are encouraged to listen to their body and while they shouldn’t push themselves too far and cause harm to their body, they should go a little outside their comfort zone.

The seniors then close their eyes and observe their breathing as well as their bodies and minds. As seniors deepen their breath, the instructor sets a tone for the class, such as energy, change or gratitude. Each participant makes gentle movements throughout the class, which then ends with a deep relaxation. The instructor may then finish the class with a chant. Some instructors may offer a gentle touch along each person’s back or neck, if the person consents. Many seniors welcome the touch, as very few receive a loving touch from friends or loved ones.

Seniors should not be afraid to try a local yoga class. Although there are some intense yoga classes out there, a good instructor will not push a person beyond his or her limits; instead, he or she will be in tune to each person’s limitations. Although your client will likely not be able to fold herself into a pretzel or balance herself for several minutes at a time, she will learn some simple poses that she can possibly replicate at home whenever she is feeling stressed or fatigued.

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