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Mill Creek, WA – Home Care: Anxiety and Depression Are Not Part of the Natural Aging Process

Bill had often been considered an outgoing and positive person throughout his life. He had six children, was marriedHome Care Mill Creek WA for 62 years, and did well to provide for everyone. Even during the most difficult challenges of his life, Bill tried to maintain a positive attitude, and it affected everyone else around him.

When he was in his 80s, his wife became severely ill and though he did his best to take care of her, the illness got the best of her and she passed away. In the weeks and months that followed, Bill was withdrawing from the people who mattered most in his life. He was anxious about the bills, taking care of himself, and being lonely.

His adult children were concerned about him, but his oldest son said that this was a part of the natural aging process, and it was nothing to be overly concerned about. He was adamant that their father would get through it and deal with it in time. They just had to give him space.

In reality, what Bill was going through affects many seniors throughout the United States. Anxiety and depression are not simple byproducts of the aging process, and the right level of home care can make a world of difference.

How home care helps.

An experienced in-home care provider would be able to offer companionship for Bill, first and foremost. Even though he was able to attend to most of his basic care needs well enough, and safely enough, there were some things he had difficulty doing on his own.

Having somebody come to the home on a regular basis can provide comfort to seniors who spend a significant portion of their days alone.  It may help to alleviate some degree of depression.

Alleviating anxiety.

An experienced caregiver can help to ease anxiety by offering the kind of support the senior requires during the day. If the elderly client has difficulty getting up and down stairs, taking a shower, or remembering certain appointments, having somebody there to help him out can help to reduce stress and anxiety.  Many seniors who have difficulty remembering to take their medication may feel better knowing somebody is stopping by on a regular basis to remind them.

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