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Lynnwood, WA – Reading Glasses For Your Senior

Declining eyesight is something that numerous elders deal with every year. When the time comes that your senior Senior Care Lynnwood WAcan’t see as well as they used to when trying to read, the eye strain may result in headaches and further deterioration of eyesight. Before their vision gets worse, you may want to consider getting them reading glasses.

Reading glasses come in various styles and sizes. Full reading glasses are ideal for close-up material, but not so great for reading things across the room. On the other hand, half-eye reading glasses allow the reader to look down through the lenses for near vision, but the frame is smaller so they can easily see over the actual lenses to read things in the distance (rather than through the lens). In order to see things in the distance with full reading glasses, the senior will have to remove the glasses. In order to figure out which pair will be best for your elder, be sure to explain the differences before making a decision.

Reading glasses can be picked up in “ready-made” form from a drug store or department store. If your senior cannot find the right generic glasses, they can be custom-made through an optical dispenser. Just keep in mind that ready-made glasses are significantly cheaper than custom-made glasses. This allows you to buy several pairs, colors, and have them readily available around the house (like chap stick containers). While the ready-made glasses may not fit as “perfectly” as a custom pair, their function should simply be to help your elder read. They should not be used for driving or other activities that are impaired by dimmed vision.

However, in some circumstances, the ready-made glasses may not be right for your elder. Ready-made frames are sort of like hats in that they make a “one size fits all” model for them. If a certain pair doesn’t fit the shape of your senior’s head (or if your senior has a stigmatism in one eye that doesn’t match the prescription for the other), custom-made glasses may be necessary for them.

However, in any case, purchasing a pair of reading glasses should never serve as a substitute for a trip to the optometrist. Even though your senior just has trouble reading, the problem could stem from something greater like a glaucoma. To ensure that your senior is on top of his or her eye health, be sure to schedule annual appointments to see an optometrist.

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