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Redmond, WA – Home Care Services Can Help Alleviate Stress

It’s the middle of the night and you get up from a deep sleep. You don’t exactly remember what you were dreamingHome Care Redmond WA about, but it had something to do with your mother. At 83 years of age, she has been dealing with a number of physical and health related challenges and you have been caring for her all this time.

This habit of waking up in the middle of the night is becoming more and more frequent for you. It’s affecting your other relationships, the part-time job you have, and you can’t seem to get rid of bad thoughts from your head. In truth, you’re dealing with stress like so many other family caregivers. Home care services can actually make a positive difference in your life as well is that of your mother.

Benefits of Home Care Services

In order to fully appreciate just how beneficial an in-home care service provider could be for you and your mother, it’s necessary to understand exactly what type of services are offered.

Most of the time elderly clients require basic assistance around the house. This could be help moving around, getting up from bed, the couch, or even the kitchen table and walking to another room. It could also be assistance in getting up and down stairs.

Other individuals might need help going to the bathroom, especially lowering themselves onto a low seated toilet. They also may need help bathing in a safe and healthy manner.

An experienced caregiver may also be able to remind the elderly client when it’s time to take certain medications. Some aging seniors may take numerous medications throughout the day and it can be difficult to keep track of them, especially if they have newly developed mental challenges, such as difficulty remembering certain things.

It’s important to realize that home care aides are not certified or licensed to administer medications. If the senior is unable to actually take medication himself or herself, they might require a visiting nurse to assist with those things.

Finally, a qualified and experienced caregiver would also focus on determining what activities the senior would enjoy, even if they are things they gave up as a result of less strength and more physical challenges. Believe it or not, your mother may actually be able to do much more than you realize at the moment. You can also hire home care services for one, two, or more days a week and for as little as a couple of hours each day. That could be all you need to alleviate stress in your life and hers.

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