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Elder Care in Redmond, WA – Vision Problems and Seniors

Marcy never thought she could have macular degeneration; she simply assumed the new challenges in being able to see were associated with her older age, rather than a particular serious medical condition.  When Marcy started Elder Care Redmond WAshowing signs of struggling to see different things around the house, when watching TV, or even reading a book, the elderly home care provider encouraged her to make an appointment with an eye care professional.

At first, Marcy refused to do this. She continued to hold onto the belief that this was just a minor issue that wouldn’t get much worse. As she continued to refuse to see an eye care professional, she began to experience more and more challenges. It became difficult for her to get out of bed and walk down the hall to the bathroom during the middle of the night. She had to turn on lights in every room and still couldn’t see clearly down the hall in front of her.

The elder care provider was encouraging her to take part in various activities at the local senior center and spend time with friends. She began to withdraw from these things when she noticed that the struggles she was having with her vision were making things more uncomfortable for her.

Eventually things grew so severe that Marcy didn’t have any choice but to see the eye doctor. She found out that she had AMD, or Age-Related Macular Degeneration. This is a serious condition in which an individual will lose the center focused field of vision. This would be like closing your fist and placing it in front of both eyes.  Seniors with AMD only have peripheral vision.

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